Coastal Engineering Services

Coastal Engineering Services

Coastal Wave Hazard and Scour Analyses

JR Evans Engineering performs coastal analyses to assess hazards related to wave action and the potential scour caused by wave forces. These analyses serve two primary purposes:

• They support the design of the foundations supporting buildings situated in coastal environments, with a focus on enhancing their resilience during major tropical storms and hurricanes.

• They aid in the design of shoreline protection or improvement features.

JR Evans Engineering also utilizes the coastal hazard analysis to facilitate flood map revision projects for coastal properties. The intent of this process is to ensure that the FEMA regulatory flood maps for coastal areas are updated with accurate and recent data, whether based on existing data or on recent improvements to the study area.

Coastal/Shoreline Structures Engineering
and Design (Seawalls, Revetments, Bulkheads, Docks, etc.)

JR Evans Engineering prepares the structural analysis and design of coastal structures, including shoreline protection features such as seawalls, bulkheads, revetments, retaining walls, docks, etc.

Dune Restoration Design

JR Evans Engineering prepares the design of dune restoration projects, which involve the grading of enhanced dune systems with sand fill and coastal vegetation.      

Coastal – Environmental Permitting

JR Evans Engineering facilitates the permitting process through local, State and Federal agencies of our coastal projects involving shoreline features, such as docks, revetments, seawalls, bulkheads, retaining walls, dune enhancements, etc.   Our team also provides FDEP Coastal Construction Control Line permitting services for any type of proposed project, i.e., new development, redevelopment, new single-family/multi-family structures, improvements to existing site, etc.

Coastal Resiliency Analyses/Sea Level Rise and Coastal Risk Assessments

JR Evans Engineering specializes in conducting coastal analyses to assess various hazards, including storm surge, wave action, and potential scour. Our team also evaluates how coastal flooding impacts areas prone to riverine flooding, such as creeks, streams, and canals. This comprehensive assessment helps us understand the combined hazard in terms of floodwater elevations.  We utilize these analyses and data to evaluate the risk of property and infrastructure damage. Our goal is to identify areas with an elevated risk and determine necessary improvements to mitigate this risk and enhance overall resilience.

Coastal Construction Advisor for FEMA,
FBC and FDEP criteria

JR Evans Engineering specializes in the intricacies of designing and constructing in coastal environments. Coastal projects often need to adhere to multiple regulations, including those from FEMA, the Florida Building Code, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, and local building regulations and ordinances. Our team possesses extensive expertise in the coastal development sector and offers input and technical guidance for projects to ensure full compliance with the relevant regulations.