Verdana Village

Description: The Cameratta Companies, LLC hired the JR Evans Engineering team to prepare a hydrologic and hydraulic model for the Verdana Village project surface water management system and flow-way restoration system, with the objective of demonstrating the significant regional benefits that the project provides with respect to surface water storage and flood mitigation. Verdana Village is a proposed 2,138-acre property located along Corkscrew Road and consists of residential uses, amenity centers, a commercial area, and supporting infrastructure. Approximately 1,067 acres will be restored to a natural preserve area of wetlands and uplands. The property is bordered on the north by Corkscrew Road, on the east and west by agricultural lands and roadways, and to the south by conservation land, known as the Panther Island Mitigation Bank (PIMB). As a requirement of the project’s zoning, the project is designed to provide a plan which includes reconnection of historic flow-ways. The project also analyzed the potential impacts on surface and groundwater resources utilizing an integrated surface and groundwater model with site-specific data. In addition, the physical hydraulic improvements associated with the project will provide additional flood storage to accommodate two (2) sequential 100-year, 3-day storms, which is similar to the impacts of INVEST 92L and the closely following Hurricane Irma experienced in late 2017. Additionally, the project is designed to pass through flows anticipated within the preliminary results of a Lee County Flood Mitigation Study.

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Location: Lee County, FL

Duration: January 2019 – December 2019

The initial steps included comprehensive data collection, obtaining additional survey information, verifying permitted conditions and the conditions of the property and surrounding drainage infrastructure. Once all the data was collected and complied, an existing conditions ICPR4 hydrologic and hydraulic model was created. Based on the projects proposed plan and flow-way restoration layout, a proposed conditions ICPR4 hydrologic and hydraulic model was created. Both 1D and an integrated 2D scenario were created to 1) Evaluate design storm stages within the system, and 2) Evaluate impacts on surface and groundwater resources. The model included basins with land cover-soil complex data, lake interconnects and flow-way weirs, 2D overland flow regions and 2D groundwater regions. The ICPR4 model utilized georeferenced map layers for quicker data processing of the required hydrologic parameters. Map layers for the project area’s hydrologic soil groups, land cover/land uses, NEXRAD rainfall cells and basin boundaries were prepared in ArcGIS and AutoCAD. The initial conditions of the 2D groundwater region was created from a groundwater contour map produced from historic well data throughout the project area. The 2D overland flow region for the proposed flow-way was created in AutoCAD Civil 3D by using the preliminary grading plan and existing LiDAR data.

Boundary conditions included in the 2D surface water and groundwater model included downstream tailwater conditions and upstream stage-flow hydrographs for points of offsite flow into the project. Downstream tailwater time-series were obtained from the Regional South Lee County Watershed MIKESHE/MIKE11 model. Upstream time-series boundary conditions were also obtained from the Regional South Lee County Watershed model and from The Place’s ICPR3 hydrology and hydraulics model. Two 2D integrated surface water/groundwater scenarios were analyzed by the JR Evans Engineering team, a “dry season” year-long scenario and a “wet season year-long scenario, to evaluate the potential for significant regional benefits, the ability to adequately convey the estimated surface water flows and to evaluate the potential impacts to the groundwater table within the vicinity.

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