Unparalleled Solutions.

Why J.R. Evans?

J.R. Evans Engineering offers unparalleled solutions to multifaceted, complex projects. We assess our team members’ previous experience, personality, and more before finding you the perfect match. The best people provide the best results. This mindset allows us to cultivate and maintain relationships with our clients for many years to come.

FEMA-certified and licensed in Florida, South Carolina, and Texas, J.R. Evans has executed some of the most renowned stormwater design, floodplain management, and land development projects in the U.S. For more information, please refer to the comprehensive map below.

Joshua Evans
















With 25 years of civil engineering consulting experience, Mr. Evans specializes in land development consulting, including project due diligence, strategic entitlement planning, infrastructure design, and value engineering. He also provides a high level of technical expertise in stormwater design and floodplain management to include FEMA coastal map revisions.

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Elizabeth Fountain

Vice President – Floodplain Management

and Stormwater Design















With 24 years of civil engineering consulting and floodplain management experience, Ms. Fountain specializes in the design, permitting and overall management of projects involving utility distribution systems, surface water management systems, hydrologic restoration, coastal hazard studies and floodway/floodplain-management-systems. Ms. Fountain manages a team of skilled Engineers and Certified Floodplain Managers focused on water resources-related projects, from coastal environments to riverine floodplains.

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Chris Mitchell

Chief Operating Officer















With nearly 26 years of engineering design and permitting experience, Mr. Mitchell has a proven ability to efficiently and effectively execute complicated projects, while building quality relationships with key project contributors. His responsibilities include firm growth, client development and management, contract procurement, staff management, and daily business operations.

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Brandon Frey

Director of Land Development Engineering















With 10 years of industry experience, Mr. Frey specializes in development master planning, permitting, utility design, and surface water management systems. Mr. Frey has completed the design and permitting for over 5,000 residential units, and multiple associated amenity centers.

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John Vanni

Market Manager Florida Suncoast Region
















Mr. Vanni is responsible for leading the Sarasota team of professionals in providing quality design deliverables in a timely and cost-effective manner.  He has over 20 years of civil engineering consulting and project management experience in the areas of land development, surface water management, and municipal water collection/distribution systems design.  His experience includes due diligence and planning assistance, detailed design, permitting, and services during construction.  He has successfully managed numerous complex projects that included multi-disciplinary and specialized teams across large geographic areas.

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James VonRinteln

CRS/NFIP Consultant















With nearly 40 years of management, emergency management and floodplain experience, Mr. VonRinteln has led response to and recovery from 17 tropical storms and hurricanes as well as continues to coordinate NFIP and emergency related services.

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Zach Taylor

Sr. Project Manager















Mr. Taylor has 10 years of experience designing and permitting land development projects in Southwest Florida. He applies his expertise in hydrologic and hydraulic modeling by focusing on the stormwater management aspects of land development projects.

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Alvaro Yusty

Project Manager
















Mr. Yusty has been involved in the design, permitting, and construction of a variety of land development projects which include commercial, industrial, and residential developments since graduating from the University of Florida in 2017.

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Faleesha Fernandez

Project Manager















With engineering design and floodplain management experience, Ms. Fernandez conducts watershed analyses, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, floodplain and floodway analysis, surface water management system and coastal hazard analysis and modeling.

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